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Image by Mantas Hesthaven


Breaking free from bondage. Walls finally falling down.  

Healing from hurts.  Deeper, more meaningful relationships.  

If you're ready to take a deep dive in a journey towards healing, these upcoming opportunities may be for you. 

Join Pastor Bob (with the men) and Tammy (with the ladies) in a safe place to begin the journey so many never know they can begin, a journey past the hurt and into healing.  

This study will combine a weekly video teaching from Jay Stringer and the personal touch of safe conversation and a place to process.  The standard response to sexual brokenness is to address it with lust management & accountability programs. Sadly, those methods fail to guide us into the lasting freedom we desire .

This is where this course differs. Our approach begins by identifying the unaddressed and therefore unresolved stories of your life, pinpointing past harm and highlighting the current roadblocks that keep you from freedom. Our sexual brokenness will reveal our unique path to healing.


Our approach integrates knowledge of spirituality, culture and the neuroscience of trauma, abuse, and addiction to create lasting freedom from unwanted sexual behavior as well as healing for many of yesterdays hurts. Because of this blend, it works. You can outgrow unwanted behaviors. We will show you how.


While the course speaks directly to sexual brokenness, don’t let the content scare you away. The creators of this material skillfully use the backdrop of that struggle to lead people into the depths of their pain - helping to give language to the often unseen cries of our hearts. In previous intensives, we have watched as walls came down and hurts decades old began to heal. It has been very powerful in the lives of those who have already engaged in the journey, and we believe it can be for you as well!

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