The Christian walk is a journey to becoming more like Christ... one step at a time.


Whether you’re new to the Christian faith or a seasoned Christian wondering where you took a wrong turn, the First Step is the same.  But what makes the First Step the First Step?  To answer this question let’s back up and ask what could be the most important question -- Why am I here?

Have you ever wondered about your place in this world?  Is there a grand plan for your life, or is it all left to chance?  

Everyone asks these same questions, but as Christians we know that God has ordered a higher purpose for us, for the entire world.  What is that purpose exactly?  We were all created with a very specific purpose -- God’s glory and pleasure.  We were created in His very image to bring Him glory from our lives.  He made us to love and fellowship with Him.  God finds pleasure in knowing and loving us.  And He wants us to know and love Him too.

Jesus was asked, "What is the most important commandment?"  He replied that it was to love God with all that you are, and equal to this, love your neighbor the way you love yourself.  Simple.  Difficult.  Profound.  Many times we begin the walk of Christianity as a religion when in truth, it’s a relationship.  We mistakenly believe that what we must do first is clean ourselves up and try to look and act like what we think a Christian should.  This is an endless road to failure and frustration.  The very first step on the Christian journey is knowing God.  It’s this intimate relationship that marks our days with purpose.  Knowing God is knowing that He is good and powerful -- He has meaning for everyday, every joy, every heartache.  But how?  How do we “know God?”

No relationship ever grew without communication.  God speaks through the Bible.  He drops encouragement and wisdom through godly community.  Most importantly, He whispers to our hearts in prayer.  His still small voice is heard when we listen.  We experience His love when we bring our struggles, failures, and joys to Him.  Knowing God is a relationship we build on all of our lives.  Small steps, everyday.  A verse.  A mumbled prayer.  A thought.


When Jesus walked this earth He left us the greatest example of relationship with God.  He said that God is our Father and He loves us more than any earthly father could.  Seek and ye shall find.  Knock and He will open the door to you.


See Genesis 1:27, Isaiah 43:7, Matthew 22: 34-40, Revelation 4:11 to study these truths.