Now there are diversities of gifts... but it is the same God which worketh all in all. - 1 Corinthians 12:4-6


Not sure where to start serving, or just ready to jump in where you can?

Let's start with the Gifts and Passions Survey.  Take the assessment for yourself. Once you receive an email with your results, forward it on to our staff.

Our best volunteers are serving in areas they are passionate about while using their gifting. While this assessment is not a definitive test, it's definitely a good place to start in finding your best fit for ministry.  

Here's how to read it:  On the left column, scored 0-4, are several areas of ministry.  The highest numbers on this column indicate areas you seem to be most passionate about. 

Across the top, scored 0-16, are spiritual gifts.  The highest scores in this row indicate specific gifts God may have given you.

Where the high scores from the left column and the top row cross is the best suggestion for ministry placement.  In the example above, this person would be a great fit for serving on or leading an Outreach, First Impressions, or Creative Arts team.  Are you passionate about children and youth and gifted in the area of administration? You might enjoy helping organize activities each week!  Are you passionate about worship and gifted in the area of serving? You might be a great fit for our worship choir!

Ready to get plugged in? Let us know!

We want you to know that signing up to serve in an area never means a lifelong commitment. Try an area out for a while, and if it's not working, feel free to let us know you'd rather try something else!


Not sure where your best fit is, or just ready to get started somewhere? Send us an

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